Class of 2004 Slager Cup Recipients for 2019

Our 5 "Core 04's" Slager Cup recipients played together throughout their North Park careers from Mites to Bantams and had a major impact leading North Park's transformation from its historical roots in the Club League to the travel hockey program it is today.  The Core 04's won championships and tournaments at every age level and competed successfully against the Tri-State area top hockey organizations including AAA opponents.  They leave North Park with the highest team rating and national ranking of any North Park team to date under Coach Martin in 2015. The Core 04's will be continuing their hockey careers in high school at Berkshire, Choate, Deerfield, and Xavier.

We would like to thank this special group of Core 04 players that have paved the way for future North Park teams to achieve success on the ice.  You will be missed.