Tom Hynes Award

North Park lost a most valued member of our hockey family on September 11, 2001. Tom Hynes worked in the World Trade Center, and for many years, he was a dedicated coach of our sons and daughters. Tom set high standards. He taught our kids to give their best efforts both individually and as a team. 

Tom was encouraging, always rewarding each skater for the smallest improvements. It was the energy and enthusiasm with which he embraced both the game and our kids that so distinguished his character. That dedication touched so many of us and taught all of us.

Tom's wife, Carolyn, gave birth to their first child in April 2002. The families of North Park generously contributed to a memorial fund that we established in his honor for Carolyn and their daughter. In Tom's memory, we also created the Tom Hynes Award. 

This award is presented annually to the player on each team whose leadership, sportsmanship and dedication to their team has best exemplified the high standards that Tom Hynes brought to the North Park family. It is an award for character and work ethic, not necessarily performance as measured in any statistical category. It is the only individual achievement award that North Park gives out each year.

2022-'23 Award Winners

Dominic Kloucek

Navah Liebis

Cameron Schoepfer

Enzo Beyer

Henry Melton

William Elitt

Taft Moses

Etienne Ramos-Esteban

2021-'22 Award Winners

Connor Smyth

Spencer Smith

Pierce Brille

Nico Corvalan

Rowan Raimondi


Carter Allen

Christian Yendall

Sabrina Brille

2020-'21 Award Winners

Billy Adkins

Jojo Njoh-Mbengue

Liam Keyworth

Thiago Jollon

Gavin Pasic

Parker Chan

Jonathan Horowitz

2019-'20 Award Winners

Curt Johnson

Henry Dennis

Aidan Pasic

Philip Schneur

Max Blau

William Oshrin

Lucas Thomas

Edward Salisbury

2018-'19 Award Winners

Felix Rockefeller

James Frangos

Teddy Pappas

Alex Chiesi

Christian Freed

William Bateman

Kevin Neary

Silas Warren

Wilke Mikesell

Matthew Stenzler

2017-'18 Award Winners

Alex Power

Luke Adelsbach

Jayden Freedman

Jack Levin

Harrison Ooten

Ben Harned

Henry Wood

2016-17 Award Winners

William Rizzo

Max Wasserstein

Brennan Carlin

David Kloucek

Luke Adelsbach

Dylan Lee-Stack

Max Hausman

2015-'16 Award Winners

Charlie Savage

Andrew Luke

2014-'15 Award Winners

Kevin Kurtz

William Rizzo

Sam Weisenfeld

Adam Carroll

Cameron Rowe

Connor Rowe

Teddy Pappas

Hunter Wittman

2013-'14 Award Winners

Buford Reid

Kyle Wolf

Oliver Paumgarten

Alexander Judelson

Graham Lodge

Noah Oliva

Owen Tunney

2012-'13 Award Winners

Ryan Boesky

Willy White

Avery Coleman

Declan Woods

Finn Carey

Greyson Settipane

James Paumgarten

2011-'12 Award Winners

Ryan Boesky

Chuck Barnett

Trevor Ion

Conrad Dobbs

Matthew Gurewitsch

Adam Boesky

Evan Settipane

2010-'11 Award Winners

Ryan Boesky

Will Norton

Alex Borinstein

Avery Coleman

Teddy Rockefeller

Finn Carey

2009-'10 Award Winners

M. McCormack

Nolen Rockefeller

Rudd Fawcett

Isabel Gormley

Matthew Gurewitsch

2008-'09 Award Winners

John Nugent

Dylan Nagle

Will Norton

Trevor Ion

2007-'08 Award Winners

W. Rowles

H. Gans

H. Drucker

S. Forbes

M. McCormack

Mark Forbes

Rudd Fawcett

2006-'07 Award Winners

Jack Moulton

Ty Bolander

L. Obergfell

Andrew Witmer

I. Witmer

A. Renehan

2005-'06 Award Winners

J. Dorian

H. Drucker

B. Grossman

2002-03 Award Winner

Andrew James Stormont

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